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  • Posted by: Mike P on Aug 23, 2006

    Thanks for making this year one of our best so far. And thanks to all those who attended the Amµnition2 gig at the Electrowerkz or bought 'Sacred Symbols'. I am now working hard trying to make the rest of 2006 as interesting as the first batch of releases....

    Starting off with Milanese (ex of Warp) and his first proper album (+ accompanying single). This one's good. I like it. Tremendous.

    And a couple of dubstep singles from Pinch (dark with ravey undertones) and Benga (slightly soundtracky 70s vibe)

    With Tom Burbank's debut (awesome) and new 12"s from Landstrumm and Hawerchuk (sounding good on the test pressings)


    Hospitality on 25th Sept (almost my birthday - 35)

    Amazing new album from Julian Fane - a real grower...darker than special forces


    um Distance album (be excited) and Mary Anne Hobbs album compilation (plus gig to launch it! with big names)

    (I'll up mp3s when i get a moment -- i was fully expecting the new site where i can upload info myself to be available but it's not quite ready)

    The MRK1 album is sounding fat in my car

    Jo Apps 7" and Jake Slazenger...

    more 12"s from Hatcha and Benga; The Doubtful Guest; MRK1 and Pinch: remixes [Loefah (SE25) and Skream (heavy duty)]

    just listen when they arrive in your local store

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