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    <b> Kuedo </b> - Severant

    Back in the mists of time when dubstep seemed limitless and unexplored, two gentlemen from London named Roly Porter and Jamie Teasdale began working in Bristol under the name Vex'd. Hailed and celebrated as making some of the most intelligent and dark dubstep the genre saw whilst still remaining “deep”, the pair then parted company with Roly making electro-acoustic noise under his own name and Jamie beginning the long journey into pseudo film score and sci-fi synth fantasy as Kuedo. Vintage futurism has been growing ever popular over the last couple of years, with perhaps one of the most authentic players being Zombi's Steve Moore, but the difference is that Teasdale is reinventing the whole genre for both new and old audiences. But like Moore, Kuedo's understanding of the emotional possibilities of synthetic music and it's ability to spirit you away to worlds unknown is enviable. Kuedo surely takes cues from the great Vangelis, but to say he is the main influence would be shockingly inaccurate. There are moments on opening track 'Visioning Shared Tomorrows' that remind me of Aphex Twin meets Kraftwerk and early Tangerine Dream. 'Scissors' is a Juke / Footwerk infected monster - the young genius of DJ Manny remixing The Cure. 'Truth Flood' is Scarface re-imagined in the year 2025. Severant sounds very much like what would happen if Michael Garrison had grown up listening to Hiphop. If Harold Faltermeyer was a fresh new producer and was scoring Beverly Hills Cop with Lil B playing the role of Axel Foley, then perhaps this is the soundtrack he would have made. It is visions of Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. Cosmic Dancehall for the (second) bass generation.

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