• Boxcutter (aka Barry Lynn) is from Lurgan, Northern Ireland and Arecibo Message is his third album release on Planet Mu and there’s quite a few folks saying it’s his best yet.

    Boxcutter - Arecibo Message

    Reviewed by Gerry Hectic Source: (Fly Global)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Arecibo Message

    In comparison to Planet Mu’s last album release, Remano Eszildn’s R-Tracks, Arecibo Message is a very straight forward dubstep come acid rave up album. But hang on a minute, just because there’s a lack of leftfield experimental, ambient, electro but this isn’t a one-trick album; far from it. Like the many moods of shoegazing (as in Cathedral Classics), there’s as loads of influences on Arecibo Message.

    And just to prove the point, ‘Free House Acid’ is a right mix up but with some go-go meets dubstep bits that’s a bit house and acid all at the same time, you know loyal fan Mary Ann Hobbs is going to be all over this as in the mix she got on her show last month; she’ll be thinking dubstep, ‘Sidereal Day’ or 2-step garage, ‘Sidetrak’ or the heavy beats of ‘Mya Rave’.

    By the way, Arecibo (ah-re-SEE-boh) is a municipality in the northern midwest coast of Puerto Rico but Barry’s inspiration for Arecibo Message was something to do with the 1974 remodelling of a radio telescope! Hints of Madtone here so except some cosmic love music like the dubstep bombs of ‘Old School Astronomy’ and the ‘Earth Is My Spaceship’ (Otherside Remix) that slips into a Augustus Pablo respect.

    And talking of outta space, P-Funkin’ on the lamp post with a disco hand clap with horns that are tuned in via the AM, it’s got to be ‘Lamb Post Funk’. That one could do with a 12” extended remix but the one that has already been released on a 12” is the more straight forward soul-funk, ‘A Familar Sound’ featuring David Baxter with Brian Greene on vocals; this could even have been a Ben Westbeech track!

    ‘Kab 28’ is the broken beat/free jazz mash up and the album finishes with the reflections of ‘A Cosmic Parent’ but the dubby synth madness of ‘S P A C E B A S S’ has got to be my favourite of the lot. Boxcutter ain’t one for boxes - “A real trip of an album” as they say.