• Shitmat (or Henry Collins to his mum) might be getting on but “I don’t believe it”, he’s still got One Foot In The Rave

    Shitmat - One Foot In The Rave

    Reviewed by Gerry Hectic Source: (Fly Global)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - One Foot In The Rave

    Now this one is up there for cover of the year whilst on the inside, the music looks back to the “illegal” sounds of 1991-1993. Back to the times of the golden age of the M25, glow sticks, warehouse sheds and everything was a buzz. These are the days of Brighton’s very own king of breakcore and co-founder of the Wong Music label, Shitmat and the album does the cover justice.

    If you’ve not come across Collins in all his happy mash-hard-break-grunge-raggacore, gabba, d’n’b, jungle glory before, you’re in for a treat with One Foot In The Rave as it’s like all those old tapes, but good.

    And if you love Shitmat for his humourous use of samples, this time Collin’s plays it straight as he uses the original Akai S950 sampler to keep it authentic, sticks to the Amen Break and sampling cassette tapes of old pirate radio shows.

    As an aside, I remember one of the last John Peel shows I heard was DJ Scotch Egg live in Belgium driving back from a gig in Portsmouth and it sounded so right that night. You can definitely imagine Peely bouncing around to these 12 immaculate new tracks as he was a great supported of rave (or come to that, anything that slaps you in the face); must get the DJ Scotch Egg / Shitmat, ‘Scotchy & Shitty Rave Like A Headless Chicken’ 12”.

    If you’ve missed the One Foot In The Rave tour or his Bang Face gig, he’s lined up for the forthcoming Glastonbury Festival and Glade (check up in Rob da Bank A-Z of Festivals) and it’s going to be loud.

    With Planet Mu recent return to the old-skool of late; Syntheme’s acid/disco Lasers ‘N’ Shit, Neil Landstrumm’s ravestep Lord For £39 and Last Step’s retro-ish 1961, One Foot In The Rave is a real lesson in how to fiddle with the knobs and got absolutely mental. Loved it all.