• Posted by: Mike P on Jan 15, 2008

    The problem is that the police don't think that Madeleine is missing. They think she was murdered, and on the basis of the evidence gathered, they have named the parents as prime suspects.

    The PR campaign organised by the murder suspects' spin doctor, Clarence Mitchell, seems aimed not at finding Madeleine, but at diverting attention from any evidence that points towards the parents’ involvement. Thus, on the day that that it was reported that the blood found in the boot of the McCanns car was a 100% DNA match with Madeleine, the spin doctor ensured that it was the 'Maddie Movie' story on the next day's front pages.

    When an acting agency said they wished to supply Maddie look-alikes for the film, the McCanns and the spin doctor denounced the agency as shameless gold-diggers. Yet, only two days previously, the very same spin doctor told 'The Times' that it would be "hugely entertaining and a bit of fun to think of cast lists."

    Stories that reinforce the theory that Madeleine is dead (really the only plausible theory) are routinely denounced by the McCanns as "ludicrous, hurtful and unhelpful", EXCEPT when these stories suggest that Madeleine was murdered by someone other than the parents. Then their spin doctor appears almost relieved.

    It’s all about getting the McCanns off the hook. It’s NOT about Madeleine.

    Take for example last week's story, which claimed that Madeleine was kidnapped by paedophiles, "raped, murdered and dumped in a reservoir". Apparently, "underworld criminals" explained it all to a "human rights lawyer" 8 months ago.

    It's hard to imagine a story more "ludicrous, hurtful and unhelpful", and yet there was no outcry from the McCanns or their sycophantic media backers. Quite the reverse, in fact. It’s OK if the girl is dead, as long as the bogeyman done it. Especially if the bogeyman or men are the “oddball Robert Murat”, “swarthy Moroccan peasants” or “rich Arabs”.

    What has enraged the public is the transparent manipulation, and the media’s complicity in it. It’s WMD and Iraq all over again. Not remotely as important, of course, but the same sickening hypocrisy, double standards and modus operandi.

    Whatever happened to real journalism?

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