November: Ital, Ital Tek & 2013 signings

  • Posted by: Mike P on Nov 13, 2012

    Ital's 'Dream On', the follow up to his widely acclaimed 'Hive Mind' release, is out now on 2LP/CD and digital (U.S physical release date 12/11/12)

    Ital - Boi (Planet Mu) from Planet Mu on Vimeo.

    Ital Tek's latest 160something LP 'Nebula Dance' is also out now on LP/CD and digital formats.

    NME REVIEW 8/10
    Alan ‘Ital Tek’ Myson’s stylistic arc as a producer goes something like this: Aphex Twin and Squarepusher influence glitchy dance music > glitchy dance music meets wobbly dubstep > wobbly dubstep meets garage and futuristic hip-hop > all this becomes a garage/hip-hop/Chicago house braincloud that’s both sweet and melodic. That last part brings us to ‘Nebula Dance’, the Brighton resident’s third album and a handy tool if you’re the sort of person who likes to argue to your pals that music is currently in ‘a post-everything era’. If these pals enjoy bugging out to clusters of dizzying breakbeats and/or swooning, sad house chords, so much the better.

    Ital Tek: Nebula Dance, taken from the album Nebula Dance (Planet Mu 2012) from Planet Mu on Vimeo.

    Well that's it for this year folks. Thanks to everyone for listening, buying and supporting the label and the artists throughout 2012. We are really busy at the moment planning 2013's schedule and it's already looking exciting with albums from Heterotic/Gravenhurst, newcomers John Wizards from Cape Town, Solar Bears second album 'Supermigration' and material from footwork veteran RP Boo (You can check out a mix Mike did spanning some of RP Boo's 15 years of tracks 'HERE').

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